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The CAN-Switchbox

The CAN-Switchbox is able to simmulate the original Right / Left- Hand-Controll-Module and also the Speedometer of actual Dyna® Softail® and Sportster®. Now you are able to use switches and push-bottom delivert from different supplier.

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The original Harley-Davidson® functions aren´t changed. Also the hazard warning flasher and the dom light, which is required in north america, are included. On custom bikes they often try to get an cleanen condition. This can be reached with our small box, which is only 69x49x19mm (2.7x2x0.7inch). You can put the small box on every position on the bike e. g. near the stearing stem. This is not far away from the plugs of the Hand-Controll-Modules.

The connection of our box is not rocket science, but should only be carried out by a specialist for warranty reasons. All buttons or switches that are installed are simply to be connected to earth (GND) on the CAN switch box at the corresponding slot.

Please note that with the CAN switchbox, the wiring harness can remain completely unchanged and does not have to be laboriously converted. With the optionally available cable kits, not even a plug needs to be changed. Everything remains ORIGINAL.

The connection of our box is not difficult, but it should be done by an expert. One side of all push-button and switches has to be connected to ground and the other side has to be connected to the can-switchbox. After the replacement the functions are the same as before. Also the change of the speedometer is now possibe, because of our CAN-Switchbox. You will get no error messages. The CAN-Switchbox has got 12 inputs, on each you can connect one push-buttom. The box has also 6 Outputs for both front flash lights, Neutral, Oil, ABS-brake and the front dom lights (up to 32 Watt). Also you have a Speed-Output for your own Speedometer. All informations were send from the CAN-Switchbox to the main controll of the bike. The use of modern LED-flashlight is now possible.

In the new version, additional inputs and outputs have been added too, for example, in addition to the speed, grab also the speed directly to the CAN-Switchbox.

We remain at your disposal for any question. Simply an email to mail@tlt-moto.de

Manual for newest version with 3 connector strips (rev. 6, S/N #900 and higher)

Manual for older version with 3 connector strips (rev. 5, up to S/N #899)

Manual for older version with 2 connector strips (rev. 3, up to S/N #499)